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Fraternization Policy

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S2 Grills encourages managers and employees to develop positive working relationships and share a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. While it is not the intent of S2 Grills to become involved in the personal lives of its employees, we must all recognize there are certain situations which may make it difficult to operate a business on a purely objective basis. S2 Grills fraternization policy lays out the rules for employees involved in personal relationships. In the absence of regulations and norms, romantic relations between coworkers can adversely impact our workplace culture. Therefore, this policy will impose constraints to control employees forming relationships.



This policy helps ensure that workers work in a safe and professional environment. In addition, because they spend more time at the office, professional relationships may turn into romantic relationships. To control the effect of such connections, this policy is developed.



This policy applies to all the employees of S2 Grills regardless of gender or sexual orientation, authority, department, or responsibility.

Dating in the Workplace


The following policies will apply to all employees: 


  • Management personnel are not permitted to date, cohabitate or have any close personal or physical relationship with employees who are under their direct supervision, in their chain of command or in a position that such manager can affect their assignments, schedules, pay raises, promotions or advancement opportunities. 

  • Employees of S2 Grills are not permitted to date, cohabitate, or have any close personal or physical relationship with managers who are their direct supervisors or managers, within their chain of command, or in a position that such manager can affect their assignment , schedules, pay raises, promotions, or advancement opportunities. 

  • Management should not become involved with any relationship; or circumstances with any employee (whether in chain or command or not), on or off duty, which would lead to perceptions of favoritism or any other problems which make it difficult to promote harmonious operations. 

  • Additionally, employees who are not in the same chain of command may date, develop friendships and relationships both inside and outside of the workplace as long as the relationships do not negatively impact the culture of the restaurant, the harmonious work environment or the productivity of the employees. Dating coworkers can be problematic for many reasons if not handled appropriately. For example, when coworkers are dating, they may spend more time talking than working. In addition, employee conflicts or breakups might disrupt the work environment. To avoid this, employees should:

  • Inform HR about their relationship with a coworker.

  • Not talk about personal problems at the workplace.

  • Maintain professionalism.

Unacceptable Behavior

At the workplace, employees who are in a relationship should possess appropriate and professional behavior. Any activity that offenses and distracts other employees, interrupts operations, and reduces productivity is considered improper.

Any employee in a relationship should avoid the following actions.

  • Argue during the working hours.

  • Kiss and touch inappropriately among workers.

  • Exchange non-work-related messages or calls during business hours.

  • Discuss personal matters which may be uncomfortable to others.

  • Participate in sexual activities in the workplace

Acceptable Behavior

The company believes that a partner’s existence at the workplace is difficult to neglect. In that case, the following actions are considered acceptable.

  • Exchange of a short non-work-related chat.

  • Discussing schedules during lunch/break time.

  • Traveling together.

Actions against Fraternization

S2 Grills does not entertain and encourage any victimization such as gossip, inappropriate jokes or comments, etc., against employees due to any reason. The company also expects employees to report such behavior to management.

Company’s Commitment

As an official establishment, we anticipate employees to obey this policy. Similarly, we will be responsible for the following.

  • Enforce fraternization policy at all organizational levels.

  • Ensure employees’ freedom and rights.

  • Examine every situation to make the decision.

  • Avoid partial behavior, victimization, violence, discrimination.

Violations of this policy by management or employees can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. 



I acknowledge the receipt of and have read the Fraternization Policy and I agree to abide by it in its entirety: 

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